Hi Cliff! Tell us a bit more about yourself!


Hello, I'm Cliff. I'm 46 years old, live in Diepenbeek and have been happy to drive down to Lenaers Express in my car every morning for 20 years.


What was your education?

I obtained a Master's degree in Fine Arts from PXL Hasselt. So how did I end up here? I ended up in the transport sector thanks to my father - who worked in the Logistics department at Ford Genk.


What are your daily tasks?

I am responsible for transport planning. But you can certainly call me a jack-of-all-trades! I know Lenaers Express inside out.


How would your colleagues describe you?

A colleague with a proper, professional work attitude who occasionally provides a dash of humour. I think a cordial atmosphere at the workplace is very important. I hope I contribute to that too (laughs).


Which three core values fit Lenaers Express for you?

Established value with a family character. And unity. Three elements that I greatly appreciate at Lenaers Express.


When do you go home with a good feeling?

When the planning is right. When everyone is happy - the manager, the drivers, and myself. That way, everything comes together nicely and I can go home with my mind at ease.


Is Lenaers Express a committed employer?

Yes! Everyone here is always ready to listen. We get support wherever necessary and there is genuine interest and understanding for our private lives.


How would you describe the atmosphere on the shop floor?

In three words: concentration, collegiality and humour. Everyone knows their tasks, but is able to complete them in a relaxed atmosphere.


What is your most memorable moment at Lenaers Express?

Definitely my promotion to Transport Manager. That appreciation and recognition was really gratifying. You can really grow here.


Where do you see the company and yourself in 10 years?

I would like to see a doubling of vehicles in the future. And also of staff. Dream big, right (laughs)? For myself, I hope for even more responsibilities to manage a team.