Would you like to find a job that suits you? 

This happened to Tom Reynaerts in the summer of 2022 when he applied for a job as a work planner at LKC Service/Lenaers Express: "After graduating in 'Transport and Logistics', I started out as a planner at Withofs Transport. That suited me fine, I liked to tinker with the routes until they ran as smoothly and profitably as possible, but after a good four years I reached the limits of the job and the company. It became too routine and I no longer felt completely at home there. I switched to a job as a sales assistant at a Ford distributor and then four years later came the vacancy at LKC Service/Lenaers Express.


The sector, the company, the team, the manager ... it all appealed to me. Which was nevertheless important, because for me work is about more than 'earning a living'. You also have to feel good and enjoy your job. A day without laughter is a day not lived, I said on my application. And to this day, I have already 'lived' every day at LKC Service/Lenaers Express. I certainly owe this job satisfaction to my colleagues.


We are always there for each other here: does the warehouse need a little brushing? Hand over that brush! Or help unload the truck? You only need to ask! Even after working hours, we sometimes meet up to go to the movies or play sports together. And of course I also enjoy the job itself: I am a work planner and assistant planner, which offers a lot of variety. From site visits to planning assignments: every day brings something different. I need that. I want to stay stimulated and get satisfaction from my job. And that certainly works here.


You get the chance to develop professionally. Our manager Jan Lenaers is always there to encourage you, help you or guide you ... but at the same time he gives you the freedom to do your own thing and to learn by doing. A nice mix of independence and team spirit, which makes me enjoy working here. So yes, I want to be here for a very long time - until my retirement, if possible (laughs)."